“McDaniel lawyer: Expect runoff challenge within 10 days”

Clarion Ledger:

Tyner said illegal votes “of all types” including absentees, affidavits, vote buying and crossovers — people who improperly voted in the June 3 Democratic primary then again in the GOP runoff — have been found. He said that when it comes out, “you’re going to be astonished.”

But he said he is not going to present specific evidence until a challenge is filed or try the case in the media because, “We’re going to be mature about this.” He said that when the challenge is filed, the campaign will present the evidence to the public and to the U.S. attorney, the Federal Election Commission and state attorney general’s office. This drew applause from about 50 McDaniel supporters gathered at the press conference outside Tyner’s Jackson law office.

“The $1 million question: What did we find?” Tyner said. “We found a lot.”

Tyner said the campaign has found “votes being bought, ballots being stuffed.”


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