“Kasich signs both elections bills; ‘livid’ FitzGerald may take action”

Columbus Dispatch:

With Gov. John Kasich’s signature now on two Republican-sponsored bills that reduce early voting, eyes turn toward his likely Democratic challenger to see if he follows through on a threat to challenge the new laws in court.

Yesterday, Kasich signed Senate Bill 238, which eliminates “Golden Week” — when Ohioans could register and vote on the same day — and shortens early voting by a week. He also signed Senate Bill 205, which makes legislative approval a requirement before the secretary of state can mail out absentee-ballot applications statewide.

So we may learn if there’s now a non-retrogression theory in the equal protection clause arroding to the Sixth Circuit.  For background, see my The 2012 Voting Wars, Judicial Backstops and the Resurrection of Bush v. Gore.


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