ELB Vacation Quick Hits

The LA Times on Dan Schnur’s quest  to be California’s first “No Party Preference” Secretary of State

Dan Morain on Schnur’s chances.

Bruce Freed and Karl Sandstrom on corporate political money disclosure.

Pam Karlan’s last Boston Review column before joining DOJ (and BR announcement)

Woman who sued saying she was fired for voting for Obama settles out of court

Erin Kessler on the money behind the climate change battle.

Paper ballots appeal rejected: “A state appeals court Tuesday ruled that the re-election of Malta Town Supervisor Paul Sausville by a single vote will stand — even though two voters clearly wanted to elect his challenger.”  (An anti-democracy canon opinion)

And Doonesbury on North Carolina’s end of pre-registration for 16- and 17-year olds.


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