“Challengers of new NC voting regulations want 2014 trial; state officials push for delay”

News & Observer:

Parties who are a gulf apart over what laws should be in place to ensure fair and open elections are just as widely divided about how quickly a lawsuit challenging new voter laws should be heard in federal court….

he U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against North Carolina in October arguing that four key provisions of the state’s sweeping election law changes should be blocked on grounds that they would have a discriminatory effect on African-American voters.

The Justice Department, however, agrees with attorneys for the state on the scheduling conflict. The federal officials do not believe, according to the lawsuit, that all the information pertinent to the legal challenge can be exchanged in time to air the case in court before the 2014 elections.

That leaves another option, though.

Attorneys for the voters and civil rights organizations arguing against the election law changes could seek preliminary relief from the courts that halts the changes from going into effect while the lawsuit pends.


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