Drake Law Review Symposium on Political Dysfunction and Constitutional Change

This was a truly great symposium and discussion, now in print.

Drake Law Review

Volume 61, No. 4, Summer 2013

The U.S. Constitution and Political Dysfunction: Is There a Connection?


Dedication to Congressman Neal Smith
David S. Walker

Mark S. Kende

The United States and Political Dysfunction: “What Are Elections For?”
Sanford Levinson

Essay: Political Dysfunction and Constitutional Change
Richard L. Hasen

Functioning Just Fine: The Unappreciated Value of the Supreme Court Confirmation Process
Lori A. Ringhand & Paul M. Collins, Jr.

The Constitution and Information Politics
John O. McGinnis

Essay: Practical Observations on Politics and the Constitution
Brenna Findley

Why “It’s Even Worse Than it Looks”: Parliamentary Parties in the American Constitutional System
Norman J. Ornstein


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