Sounds Like the Perfect Guest Post

I get pitches all the time from people with no connection to election law to write guest posts for me—presumably to get links included on my blog to content for things they want to sell.  Sometimes there is a tangential relation to my blog, as when I’ve been pitched posts like “The 10 Dumbest Things Presidents Have Said.”  At least the person making the pitch made an effort to connect the content to my blog.

But I got this one today:

Good morning! Going through your blog “” was an experience of immense pleasure.
I feel my article on “Law” will be of huge help for your visitors. So I believe it would be a great thing if you agree to accept the article as guest post. You can also provide me with certain topics on which you want articles to be written.
While I won’t be accepting the guest post, I do expect to give many experiences of  “immense pleasure” in the future through my writing about “Law.”

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