People Suspected of Being Registered Under False Address to Be “Warned”

This story from NPR reports on the decision of the elections board in Hamilton County, OH, where approximately 100 people are reportedly registered at an address other than their home address.  That includes about 30 police officers believed to have used a police station as their registration address.  That’s contrary to state law, which says that voters must register where they live, and makes it a felony to “knowingly” file a false registration. The board will reportedly send out letters warning all of the voters to fix the problem or be dropped from the rolls, while allowing the officers to have their addresses redacted from public view, as permitted by state law.

I agree with the board’s decision, which represents a restrained response to a minor violation of the law. But I wonder if the response would have been so restrained, if some of the alleged violators weren’t police officers.

Update:  Today’s Columbus Dispatch has this story on officers being registered at police headquarters in Franklin County as well. This story suggests that there’s a double standard, which I find very troubling.


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