Stewart Baker Mea Culpa

Wow. Stewart Baker crosses out most of his post yesterday (about which I and others were critical) and adds the following:

CORRECTION/UPDATE: Having talked in some detail with folks at Facebook, I’ve concluded that this post was just wrong, and I owe an apology to both Facebook and the Obama campaign, not to mention the co-bloggers and readers who joined the fray. Facebook’s terms of service do say all the things that I and Michael Vatis’s post quoted – they prohibit password sharing and the soliciting of password sharing and so on. But it turns out that Facebook also maintains Facebook Platform, whose rules permit users to grant app developers access to their user data, including a user’s list of friends. The Obama campaign created an app that adapted this platform to its turnout goals, and it did so within the rules set by Facebook.  Because the program was authorized by Facebook, it was also authorized under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  I’ve deleted the bulk of the post but left it up so that any links to the original post will come to this correction.

Maybe next time he should be more careful not to insinuate without some evidence that a presidential candidate was colluding with the Justice Department to engage in illegal activity to get the candidate illegally elected.


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