Are You an Election Law Professor Revamping Your Syllabus to Deal with Shelby County?

Then you are in luck. Late this month, the 2013 supplement to Lowenstein, Hasen, and Tokaji, Election Law–Cases and Materials (5th edition 2012) will be posted and made available free of charge to all instructors assigning LHT to their students. The 2013 Supplement will include all developments over the last year, including an edited version of the Shelby County case and a revamping of relevant materials on the Voting Rights Act following the Supreme Court’s decision to hold part of the Act unconstitutional.

The Supplement also will include an edited version and notes following the opinion of the lower court in McCutcheon v. FEC, a campaign finance case the Supreme Court will consider in October.  (The Supreme Court’s per curiam decision out of Montana affirming Citizens United appears as well.)

The new supplement also includes other developments in election law through July 1, 2013.


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