Proposed New AALS Section on Election Law

Message from Josh Douglas:

Dan Tokaji and I have been exploring the possibility of creating a new AALS Election Law Section.  We’re writing to see if there are any other professors who would like to be involved.
The process for creating a new section requires the collection of at least 50 signatures from professors from at least 25 schools, which is generally done in person at the annual meeting.  The AALS has informed us that they will give us a time slot in the program for the 2014 meeting to accomplish this, but if want to do this we need to let them know by the end of the month.
A part of what the AALS will look to in determining whether to certify a new section is a commitment of scholars in the field to be involved in the section on an ongoing basis.  We’re therefore writing to get a sense of your willingness to make such a commitment.  Although Dan and I are both interested in the creation of a new Election Law section, we both think that it’s important to have a substantial number of people who are willing to commit some of their time to it in coming years, if we’re to move forward.
If you have an interest in being a part of this effort, could you please email back (  Also let me know if you plan on being at the 2014 Annual Meeting in New York.  AALS has informed us that we should try to have well above 50 signatures on our petition, so we’d also like to have a sense of whether we’ll be able to secure enough signatures.  We’d appreciate hearing back from you by June 21.

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