New Book Project

I’m delighted to announced that I’ve signed a deal with Aspen to write: “Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, and Election Law: Examples and Explanations.”  This will follow Aspen’s well-received “Examples and Explanations” format, essentially a student-oriented treatise with mini-essay questions and answers after each portion of text. (I’ve written an Examples and Explanations book on Remedies, which is now in its third edition.) It will also be suitable for practitioners as a basic treatise on issues of: Legislation and Representation (including issues related to legislative enactments, filibuster rules, etc.); Statutory Interpretation; Voting Rights and Representation (including redistricting, the Voting Rights Act, political parties); and Campaign Finance Law.

The book will be suitable for use in Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, and Election Law courses as either a student study aid or a supplemental text.  It will be designed to work with all of the major casebooks in these fields.




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