“Urgent Response Scenario”

Troy McCurry, teaching a campaign finance course at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, passes on the following announcement:

On Tuesday, April 30, from 6:30-7:30 in the Slowinski Courtroom of The Columbus School of Law at CUA, three students from CUA Law School’s Campaign Finance Law class will take part in an “Urgent Response Scenario.” During this clinical program, the students will play the role of attorneys for a political organization that needs an answer to a novel campaign finance question in an extremely short amount of time. The simulation will recreate a scenario faced by political lawyers operating in the intensity of election season.

The students will be judged by two experienced members of the election law bar, Eric Wang and Sam Brown, on how well they research and analyze the relevant issues, and on how well they formulate an appropriate course of action for their hypothetical client.

All are welcome to attend the program to witness this unique event. A reception will follow.


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