“Race, Voting Procedures, and New Developments in Voting Rights”

I’m going to be a discussant at this great panel at the MPSA meeting in Chicago on Friday

Chair(s): Michael Herron, Dartmouth College
Paper(s): Rates of Possession of Valid Photo ID and Public Knowledge of Voter ID Laws in PA and WI
This paper reviews the results of two large surveys in PA and WI and finds large percentages of otherwise eligible voters would be denied the right to vote in states with strict voter ID laws
Matt A. Barreto, University of Washington 
Hannah Walker, University of Washington 
Racial Disparities in Provisional Ballot Rejection Rates
With data from the 2012 General Election and the 2012 Primary we study the rates at which provisional ballots cast in Florida are rejected. Our focus is determining the correlates of high rejection rates with a particular focus on race.
Michael Herron, Dartmouth College 
Daniel A. Smith, University of Florida 
Language of Democracy: Impacts of Election Language Assistance on Political Behavior and Attitudes
The Voting Rights Act’s Section 203 requires election materials for linguistic minorities. Research has focused on turnout effects. We take a broader view of engagement to examine the impact of Section 203 on political behaviors and attitudes.
Christopher Baird Mann, University of Miami 
Gabriel Sanchez, University of New Mexico 
Convenience Voting and Race in Florida
We examine the dynamics of early and absentee voting in Florida since 2006, and in light of recent changes to Florida law.
Charles H. Stewart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Paul Gronke, Reed College 
Discussant(s): Rick Hasen, University of California, Irvine

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