Full Wendy Rosen Statement on “Civil Disobedience” and Voter Fraud No More Convincing

In this post, I noted that former Maryland Democratic congressional candidate Wendy Rosen tried to explain away her double voting in two states as an “act of civil disobedience.”  I wrote: “Civil disobedience? Perhaps the full statement will make that sound less ridiculous than it sounds from this brief quote. If anyone has the full statement please send it along.”

Well the full statement is no more convincing and in fact contradicts what Rosen had said earlier about why she double voted: “The statement released today appears to contradict her explanation she gave to the Baltimore Sun last fall. Rosen told the paper she registered in Florida in order to support “a very close friend’ who was running for St. Petersburg City Council as well as to vote for local issues there, according to the paper’s published report on Sept. 14.”

(h/t Democracy Chronicles).


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