Mega-Shelby County Roundup

Yesterday I posted roundups of news stories and commentaries from yesterday’s voting rights oral argument at the Supreme Court in posts here, here, and here. I had two substantive posts on the oral argument, one predicting the outcome and the other discussing Justice Scalia’s stance on whether states need protection in Congress when it comes to voting rights.  Rick Pildes posted on the blog about whether Congress abdicated its responsibility in the 2006 renewal.

Howard Bashman had extensive roundups here and here.

SCOTUSBlog had extensive roundups here and here. It is also running commentary from Elizabeth Wydra, Roger Clegg, and others to come.

Aside from those pieces linked, NYT had this editorial and this Charles Blow column.

TPM desperately searches for a silver lining in Justice Kennedy’s comments.

Emily Bazelon wrote a Slate Supreme Court Dispatch.

Spencer Overton blogged at HuffPo.

Joey Fishkin blogged at Balkinization.

Benjamin Jealous wrote at The Root.

Alliance for Justice had a symposium with Gilda Daniels, Franita Tolson, William Yeomans and Bertrall Ross.

DEMOs issued this statement.

MORE to come.


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