Florida Secreatry of State Releases Report Endorsing Extended Early Voting, Decreased Ballot Length

From the Report‘s executive summary:

During Secretary Detzner’s fact-finding efforts, supervisors of elections and others agreed the 2012 General Election was a fair election as a whole. However, it was similarly believed by all that the election process should be improved upon. The area for improvement most commonly mentioned was the length of lines at polling places, which were believed to have been caused by the record number of voters, a shortened early voting schedule, inadequate voting locations and a long ballot. Other areas for improvement frequently mentioned in the Secretary’s meetings included the unprecedented number of ‘in-person absentee’ ballots cast and the burden they put on supervisors of elections to distribute and canvass in a timely manner; the increased number of overall absentee ballots and the time in which they could be requested, mailed and canvassed; deficiencies in the local administration of elections; and the limited funding by county commissions to purchase the best available voting equipment.


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