“Reid: Election Bill Among Top Priorities; Details of Measure Still Being Discussed”

Bloomberg BNA: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) indicated Jan. 22 that new legislation dealing with campaign finance and election reform issues would be among his top priorities in the 113th Congress. Reid provided no details, however, about specific provisions of a new measure called the Clean and Fair Elections Act, which was No. 9 on a list of top 10 bills for the new Congress released by his office…Veteran campaign reformer Fred Wertheimer told BNA Jan. 22 that he had been in touch with Reid’s office and believed the measure being put forward by the majority leader would include provisions to increase disclosure of campaign spending, as well as something addressing improvements in election administration. Wertheimer said details of the proposal are still being discussed, but it does not include more controversial proposals to provide for more public financing of election campaigns.”


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