“Hastert Rule’ Takes Body Blows With Sandy, Cliff Votes”

Roll Call: “Speaker John A. Boehner’s decision to allow a bill to pass with only 49 Republican votes Tuesday has some in his party questioning whether this is the new normal and has at the same time delighted Democrats, who believe they might be able to produce similar results in the battles ahead. The Ohio Republican has generally operated under a policy of bringing bills to the floor only if a majority of his conference can support it. But that was not the case on Tuesday night’s vote on supplemental disaster relief for those stricken by Superstorm Sandy, nor the fiscal cliff deal, which passed with only 85 Republicans on board earlier this month. That has Republicans questioning whether the ‘Hastert rule’ is dead.”

Sarah Binder:

“It’s too early to know whether Speaker Boehner will continue to violate the Hastert rule.  Instead, I’ll offer some brief thoughts on the recent past and potential future of the Hastert Rule.”



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