“EXCLUSIVE: Vote fraud charges expected”

Cincinnati Enquirer: “Hamilton County officials are prepared to refer five cases of potential vote fraud in November’s election to prosecutors and have ordered further investigation into about two dozen other voters’ actions that also could result in criminal charges.”

The five incidents appear to involve double voting but not voter impersonation, but it is hard to tell for sure from the article.

UPDATE: I missed this near the bottom of the article:

“[A]n Avondale woman voted absentee at the Board of Elections office Nov. 1, but her signature also appeared in her precinct’s poll book, indicating an Election Day vote in her name also was cast. The poll book signature, however, does not match her signature on other documents, and the woman denied voting at her precinct polling place.”

This could be a case of impersonation fraud—I will follow up to see if more details become available, and if in fact the person signing in signed the name of this voter or it was a case of someone simply signing the wrong line of the poll book.



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