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Paul Gronke writes: “The most recent issue of Perspectives on Politics is a theme issue about the role of elections and other democratic institutions in non-democratic nations (authoritarian and autocratic regimes). The issue has very rich content, including original research articles, “controversy” pieces, and a large number of book reviews broadly on the topic of elections, from an American, comparative, and normative perspective. The website link is gated but the table of contents is open access, and anyone at an academic institution should be able to access the content.”

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December Issue of Perspectives on Politics
From the Editor
Authoritarianism, Elections, Democracy?– Jeffrey C. IsaacResearch Articles
Beyond Patronage: Violent Struggle, Ruling Party Cohesion, and Authoritarian Durability – Steven R. Levitsky & Lucan A. Way
Improbable but Potentially Pivotal Oppositions: Privatization, Capitalists, and Political Contestation in the Post-Soviet Autocracies – Barbara Junisbai
The Arab Spring: Why the Surprising Similarities with the Revolutionary Wave of 1848? – Kurt Weyland
When Multi-Method Research Subverts Methological Pluralism- or, Why We Still Need Single-Method Research – Amel Ahmed & Rudra Sil

Review Essay
From Representative Democracy to Participatory Competitive Authoritarianism: Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan Politics – Scott Mainwaring
Whither Russia? Autocracy Is Here for Now, but Is It Here to Stay? – Kathryn Stoner

Review Symposium
Neoliberalism, Race, and the American Welfare State – Russell L. Hanson, Lawrence M. Mead, Rose Ernst, Peter J. Boettke, Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

Critical Dialogue
Violence, Nonviolence, and the Palestinian National Movement
Sharon Erickson Nepstad, Wendy Pearlman, Matthew N. Beckmann, Matthew N. Green


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