“Government to Respond in Early January To Twin Challenges to Contribution Caps”

Bloomberg BNA:

The government is set to respond in early January to twin constitutional challenges now pending before the Supreme Court that seek to invalidate aggregate limits on federal campaign contributions.

In a recent order, the high court set a Jan. 2 deadline for a response to a challenge brought by the Republican National Committee and GOP contributor Shaun McCutcheon, who want to overturn the overall cap on contributions to federal candidates, political parties, and traditional PACs (McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, U.S., No. 12-536, jurisdictional statement 10/26/12). The aggregate limit was set at $117,000 for the 2012 election cycle but is due to be adjusted for inflation next year.

The Supreme Court has set a Jan. 3 deadline for a government response in another case, a challenge launched by Virginia James, a major Republican campaign contributor from New Jersey, who objected to the limit on total contributions to federal candidates (James v. FEC, U.S., No. 12-683, jurisdictional statement 11/30/12).



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