Federal Judge Upholding Nevada Anti-SSM Law Recently Smacked Down by Ninth Circuit

This evening’s federal court decision upholding Nevada’s ban on same sex marriages against constitutional challenge came from Chief Judge Robert C. Jones of the United States District Court for the District of Nevada.  As Sam Bagenstos notes, this is the same judge who recently decided a controversial case regarding Nevada’s “none of the above” election law.  Judge Jones in that case was not only reversed by the Ninth Circuit—he was smacked down in a concurring opinion by Judge Reinhardt (who also happens to be the author of the Ninth Circuit Prop. 8 decision striking down California’s anti-SSM ban).   And after Chief Judge Jones was smacked down, he smacked back at Judge Reinhardt in a statement accusing Judge Reinhardt of improper conduct in contacting his chambers.

Get out the popcorn as this new case goes forward.


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