The Last Stop on “The Voting Wars” Book Tour

On Saturday I’ll be speaking about The Voting Wars at Reed College, as part of their 2012 Public Policy Lecture series.  That will mark the last stop of the book tour, although I’ll be doing an author meets critic event at Cardozo Law in New York in February.

My book tour has taken me all over the country (and beyond), from Virginia to Montana, California to New York.  I so much appreciate the hospitality and the chance to talk about issues of problems with how we run our elections, and what we could do—if there were the political will—to make things better.  Along the way I met many people with interesting questions and exciting ideas about the future.  Let’s hope we soon reach a somewhat less polarized time when bipartisan, sensible election reform can again be on the agenda.  And let’s hope even more that we can avoid the next meltdown before that time comes.

Thank you.


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