Big Question after Charlie White Trial: Does Republican Gov. Get to Appoint or Do Dems Get the Office?

IndyStar: “Charlie White, the elected officer, was convicted of six felony charges — including voter fraud — early this morning, which removed him from office. But he could be reinstated on a technicality. Meanwhile, Gov. Mitch Daniels appointed White’s chief deputy, Jerry Bonnet, as his interim replacement. Democrats, however, claim they’ve won the office because a Marion County judge ruled that White was improperly registered to vote and therefore ineligible to run for secretary of state. White is appealing the ruling, which has not yet been enforced. Democrats will ask the judge to act on the ruling this week so their candidate, Vop Osili, can take office, Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said. That move likely would set up another legal battle.”

AP: “But a spokesman for the state Republican party said the civil lawsuit filed by Democrats and the criminal charges handed down by a grand jury were separate. Pete Seat said Democrats were unfairly trying to change the outcome of the election. ‘The Democrats, this is what they do,’ he said. ‘They lose elections and then they try to litigate victory.'”

More on the statutes from the Indiana Law Blog.


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