Does Americans Elect Have a Point-by-Point Rebuttal to Offer to My Oped?

Yesterday I noted that this letter to the editor from Americans Elect in response to my Politico oped did not respond to my three main points about the problem with the group: “(1) the group has offered no reason to fail to disclose its donors; (2) its internet election plans are troubling because they are insecure; and (3) the group’s by-laws and draft rules allow the Board to overrule voters who participate in choosing a candidate.”

Richard Winger, in this post, reported the following: “Political science professor Darry A. Sragow, also a California Democrat, has written this response to the Politico editor, disputing Hasen’s points. However, he does not attempt a detailed rebuttal, because Politico wouldn’t let him post his own full op-ed, and limited him to a short letter.”

When I saw this, I wrote to Richard and offered Americans Elect up to 2,000 words on my blog to include a detailed rebuttal.  (My own oped was about 1,000 words.)  Richard has communicated this to Americans Elect.  We shall see if Americans Elect chooses to offer a detailed rebuttal on this site, on its own site, or anywhere else.



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