Americans Elect Responds to My Oped, Does Not Dispute My Points on Disclosure, Transparency, or Lack of Democracy

Read the letter to the editor here.  I raised three points: (1) the group has offered no reason to fail to disclose its donors; (2) its internet election plans are troubling because they are insecure; and (3) the group’s by-laws and draft rules allow the Board to overrule voters who participate in choosing a candidate.

The letter does not respond to any of these points directly.  Instead it says: ” Hasen echoes concerns about the Americans Elect process, none of which are new. We would be happy to explain our process to him and we think he will conclude they are unfounded. But this expert on the status quo of election law in this country, instead of reaching out to us for a discussion of his concerns, chose to issue a public broadside.”


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