Buy and Read Jay Weiner’s “This is Not Florida: How Al Franken Won the Minnesota Senate Recount”

As part of my work on the Voting Wars, I just had the pleasure of reading Jay Weiner’s book on the Coleman-Franken contest.  It reads like a turn-pager of a novel, and is full of inside information on the key players involved in the Minnesota recount.  It gives you a flavor of the lawyering behind the scenes, though Weiner’s account seems to rely more on the lawyers from the Democratic side than the Republican side for his account of what happened.

I also very strongly recommend Ned Foley’s ELJ pieces on Minnesota, the one Dan Tokaji just flagged, and Part II, which will be out in the next issue of the journal.  Ned’s work is a nice complement to Jay’s.  Ned gives the lawyers and scholars a legal history of the conflict, while Jay tells the human story behind the battle.

Read them all!


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