Election Law Casebook Supplement to Publisher

The 2011 Supplement to Election Law-Cases and Materials (Lowenstein, Hasen, & Tokaji, 4th ed. 2008) is on its way to the printer, You can preorder it here with a 10% discount.  If you are an instructor and you need an advanced copy of the page proofs for your fall classes, send an email to Suzanne Morgan of Carolina Academic Press (smorgen-at-cap-press.com).  It should ship to bookstores in mid-August.

The 150-page supplement features edited versions of the most recent important Supreme Court cases, including this term’s Arizona Free Enterprise case, along with Citizens United, NAMUDNO, Doe v. Reed, and Caperton.  It features up-to-date notes on campaign finance controversies going into the 2012 elections as well as redistricting issues, including Voting Rights Act issues, going into the new round of redistricting.


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